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tv   Mosaic  CBS  October 12, 2014 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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hi, and welcome to mosaic. my name is . we're going to talk about the power of the rosary. you may have seen one of these things, the rosary, maybe you've prayed it, maybe you've heard people that prayed it. maybe you have misconceptions about it. we'll talk about the rosary and about the rosary rally 2014which has just happened in san francisco and we're going to talk about another event that happened in san francisco among other things. we have a guest, we'll talk about father joseph and saint
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phillip mary. here is a question. when was gathered the largest crowd ever in san francisco history? think about it. i'll give you a hint. 500,000. 500,000. 5 hundred thousand. 00,000. that day was in 1971 at the polo fields. 500,000 people gathered to do what? pray the rosary. catholics pray the rosary and they also, i think we have a picture perhaps of just an ariel shot of that event. amazing. 500,000 people gathered to pray the rosary in golden gate park. you see the golden gate bridge right there and spend name adoration. we'll talk about the tradition of the rosary rally and talk about the rosary rally at un square in san francisco and we can actually, i think we have a flyer of the rosary rally itself
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october 11thed key note speaker, father andrew apostale and salvador catalani. we have father ilow here in san francisco and he is founding the oratory of sister mary. the founding i'm not sure is correct. we can't wait to talk to him about it and he is the emcee of the oratory coming up. we'll be right back.
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. welcome to mosaic. my name is chris lieford. we have father joseph and he is
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the administrator of the the sea parish. i appreciate that. talk about the rosary rally back in at least in 1971. there's a question. if tlurz at the rosary rally back then. we have a couple of dates mob. 19951, 19612 and 19716789 send us an e-mail at studio -- 19971. send us an e-mail at our studio. 500,000 people, father, how long have you been here in san francisco? >> just got here on august 1st august 1st. a couple of months only. >> a ffrp months. >> you're -- a few months. >> you're the administrator of the parish, star of the sea and founding the oratory. >> it is founding an oratory
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within a larger congregation of oratories. there are 70 in the world right now. >> star of the sea parish as an administrator. why are you not a pastor. will they make you a pastor? is there a probationary time. >> administrator is a probation time but the policy of the archdiocese is only incard nated can become a pastor. >> sheer another word. incardination. what does that mean. >> the full member into the diocese. >> in the meantime you're taking care of the pastoral needs and one of the things i liked is that i saw on your website, which i believe is sf, no, excuse me, star of the sea church, star of the sea church, you can find out when masses are, the sack meant of
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reconciliation is and you offer concession or the sack meant of reconciliation before the daily masses even. >> that's right. we started doing that and the concession lines have grown. we had confession once a week before. now we have 15 times where you can go to confession a week. obviously more people are making use of that. >> i think it is wonderful to just know that you have that available. sometimes people get that, well, sometimes it is a real need to go to confession. we understand that but sometimes there is an inspiration and they look and it is not saturday but if they were able to know that it is available. >> it is also a one stop shop. you come to mass you can prepare to mass by going to confession before mass. >> tell us, let's talk a little bit about the oratoy. let's briefly describe the oratory. describe, what is an oratory.
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>> it comes from the word for prayer tand was founded in 1575 by saint phillip mary. each is a community of priests, maybe brothers living together. we have a prayer structure, at least one meal a day together. discussion on the scriptures once or twice a week. we do all of the work of secular parish priests but we have the support and strength in the fraternity together. >> we can talk more about what that means and how it looks but it is a wonderful thing. a lot of folks assume that is what priests do all the time. there are so many challenges the priests face in running the church. we'll talk about that more later but let's talk about the 2013 rosary rally, i think you have a
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picture of the archbishop yop leading the rosemy rally. this is a tradition that is reanimated in san francisco. un plaza will have been the rosary rally this year, 2014, october 11th. back last year, there was a huge amount of people that gathered, a procession from saint m cathedral to the rosary rally and a call to prayer. if you want more information about the rosemary rally. it is rosemy p rally sf doikts monday likely you'll find follow up information about this year's rosary rally. father apostale is also a speaker. you may recognize father apostale in some of the images. there he is right there.
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a priest of the renewal is father apostale. let's talk about father payton back when 50,000, 00,000 strong, i mean it is a very amazing thing to realize in golden gate park. we have images we can put up here of the rosary rally. there is another aerial view. apparently from what i understand, the streets were lined with police officers in their dress uniforms ushering people toward the fields. father peyton leading the rosary there. offering people enkourngment to pray. he is the priest that says the family that prays together, stays together. you've heard heard that a number of times. they still go on administering to actresses an actors in hollywood. the other thing he said is a
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world of prayer is a world at peace. i want to look back, father. your up bringing. what was your up bringing like in terms of the rosary. do you remember your experience. >> i'm born one of six kids, the three youngest, i remember the day my mother taught us to pray the rosary. we were in one room, small house. sat on one of the beds and pulled out her big black rosary and taught us to pray. i thought it was the coolest thing that i had a little chapel in my pocket so i went over, i kept it in my pocket. i forgot the rosemy in my teen year -- rosemy in my teen are area -- rosemary in my teen years. i've been praying the rosary ever day since. it never left my pocket since
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that time but my mother. >> same here. i think that is the case. mom, thank you. that, and mary, who is our mother and i would imagine, you've seen some significant effects just of the fruit, spiritual fruit and maybe miracles from the rosary in your life. >> certainly just the greatest miracle is feeling you have a home on earth and a home in heaven that you're waiting to come to. but i've seen, one healing for example, that we pray the rosary. she is a young lady, and she had cancer and had about a month left to live and i did the anointing, we prayed the rosary in the hospital room. about two days later, the father came it me and said father to me, how can i repay you? how can i thank you? >> for what. >> my daughter has no more cancer. i did her wedding a couple of years later. never came back. was it the
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anointing, the rosary? it was all of that. it is one of the healing for the emotions and pore the body. -- for the body sglaechl beautiful april men. if you're watching this right now, maybe there is a rosary in the top drawer somewhere in your house. go on the internet and find out how to pray it again and pray from the heart. we'll talk about the power of the rosary and need for the rosary and need for prayer when we come back. my name is chris lieford i'm talking to pastor chris ilow and founder of the oratory here in san francisco. we'll be right back.
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. hello, my name is chris lieford, i'm from the
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archdiocese in the communications office. we're talking about the power of the rosary. the rally just happened in the un plaza and my guest today is father joseph ilow, the emcee of the rosary rally. as we look back, what are the hope, looking at the rosary rally, the idea of praying the rosary in general, the need for prayer in general and the world. what are the hopes you have for the enkourmgment for individuals -- encouragement for individuals and familys to pray the rosary. >> the fruits certainty must be the strengthening of the family. the rosary is essentially family prayer. i'll tell you a story of a single mother and three children were having a crisis. she tells me at 3:00 at night. she said come over and solve this problem. pray the rosary and call me in
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the morning. and so she got the kids together, the older son had a knife, he was threatening some of the other kids, she said we're praying the rosary. he stormed off. other kids prayed the rosary. next morning it brought peace to our family as difficult as the family was. so strengthening a family life and also bringing about a renewal and the young. the children, the children of the world are our hope and we've kind of given up on the hope in some essential ways. the rosary can renew the hope. >> let's talk about the rosary itself. people might be listening to us. let's talk about the rosary. what are some o myths that we should disspell. >> one is that we're worshipping mary. approximately it is not an idol it is a symbol that hopefully
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stirs our theert real prayer. the other might be that the rosary is a magic potion or some kind of miracle working --. >> spell. >> spell or something. but every miracle that god grants is a response to our faith. the rose vaechl a symbol to our faith and incentive to believe and trust in god. >> in hmm and what the rosary actually is, our father, the creed, the angelic salutation otherwise known as the hail mary. they have a brem that and don't understand our understanding of the intersession or asking for saints intersession for us can you fwauk that? >> certainly. the rosary can be abused like any other religious practice but the rose traechl sel
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profoundly biblical. it is the mysteries seen through the eyes of his mother. how best to look at jesus but through his mother's eyes. we pray for each other so we believe the saints are closer to him than we are. why wouldn't we ask them for prayers as well? who would be closer to jesus and his mother? there is no narm asking any to pray for us. we all do. it why should death be a barrier to the communion of saints. >> that is what we call the communion of saints, if we're in the holy spirit, they're in the holy spirit, we're all together. >> let's talk about the need for prayer in this world together. families especially need it. but how about the world in general. our whole society john paul ii wrote a document on the rose raechlt in 2002. called the rosary of the virgin
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mary. number one, family, number two, peace. it is a prayer of peace. father payton said famously that world is a peace so i think of everyone prayed the rosary or prayed from the scriptures there, would be no war there, would be no school shootings. the more we come back to that, the more peaceful we will be as individuals and as a world. >> yeah. amen to that. and as this is airing tomorrow, the 13th of october, 2014, is the 97th anniversary of the american fadama, port gull, 1917, october 13th. you can google it, but we might even have images. if you've never heard of this. a lot of people know about this. tomorrow the october 13th
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anniversary of the miracle of the son. probably a good day to pray one hail mary. maybe the whole rosary to make a commitment to pray the rosary for peace on earth or just pray for peace on earth. >> it was on this day october 13th that the son, it is said showed people that god exists. he loves us and he will, this was in the throws of the great war, destabilizing and led to the continuation of destabilization of culture since then. pray, pray, pray, we do not pray enough and if we pray more, we'll have more peace. >> more peace. that goes for individuals, families, neighborhoods, cities and stuff. joseph, next, when we come back, we'll talk about the oratory in process and we'll talk more about what that means and i'm looking forward to.
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that you're watching mosaic. my name is chris lieford. we'll be right back.
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. welcome to mosaic, i'm chris lieford. we've been talking about the rosary and the rosary rally of 2014 which just has occurred as you're watching this on saturday. un plaza. we're talking about prayer, prayer for peace and renewal in the church and my guest is pastor ilow. let's talk about the fact that you're the administrator of the parish but the real significant thing i think of interest and is
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important is that you're helping found an oratory of saint phillip mary. tell us all about that. >> an oratory is a community of priests so even 20, 30 years ago would live in communities, 4 or 5 of them. prayed once or twice together. and they would eat together and take recreation together. but that has all gone by the way side as we have fewer priests and the secularizing plan in the church. there one s one other way of priests getting back to the communal life. we prayed morning and evening together. we have dinner together. say the rosary a few times a week together. often we pray working on the street behind the pa
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usually where people are waving at us this is not a costume. >> we haven't gotten one negative reaction. >> you wear the catholic also. >> often we do. >> and the orams have a different catholic we try to establish a common life together. that strengthens the priest to better serve the people. essentially the oratory is strengthening the priests, developing our prayer life together. making us better priests all around. >> and of course this is an experience that you're aware of and that communal living. what is the hope for product or fruit of this lived life style? the oratory? >> in general, the oratoy is designed to support priestly life. in particular, in
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archdiocese, we're asked to focus two things. the revital observation of the lit gaechl and so for example -- liturgy. so for example, we hi music producer. we reached out to young adults, youth young adults, young families of children are really the hope of our world. hope for a future aspiration. san francisco has the low yessest per capita -- lowest per capita of children. we hope to bring more vitality within the younger ages. >> hope. hope. that is the word. hope is in. and especially in the young
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adult life, the challenge is that in order to continue existing or paying the rent or eating, there is so much work that has to happen. even as young families, what are some of the practical things that you're hoping. >> we start with the mass, the holy liturgy. the practical thing is we have the church doors open now during business hours. wide open and people are coming in to pray. >> and there is parking in the back. >> some people feel like there is no parking. >> they're making the mass very beautiful. it will draw people from the movie theaters. it is okay to watch movies but if we don't do anything except for what this world offers. >> other worldly things. >> yes. to make the church an sanctuary, a refugitive from the flat --
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refuge from the flatness of worldly life, we've been praying on the streets and have had a lot of good reception. so the mass. and then the other thing is confessions. so i mention our confessions before every mass. well, phillip is the founder of the con gre grags in the renaissance time. he loved solitude and actually built a hut on the roof of his church but he had a bell up there with a string going down to the door and at any time somebody would ring the bell, he would rush down and hear a confession or talk to him. he wanted to be so accessible that he left his house key outside on the stoop so anybody could come in and knock on his door day or night and ask for a confession. the so the confessions and the mask, really tl is the standard protocol. >> wonderful. i imagine is there there will be a door bell. we've been talking to joseph ilow, star of the sea parish in
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san francisco and the website is starofthesea check it out and there is masses all throughout week and spiritual direction, encouragement and opportunities to leave this world for a moment. you've been watching mosaic. my name is chris lieford. thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time. mmmmm. ring ring! ring ring! progresso. you soup people have my kids loving vegetables. well, vegetables... shhhhh! ...taste better in our savory broth. vegetables. no, soup! oh, soup!
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